10 Therapeutic Storybooks to Help Children Deal with Anger (Part 1)

Happy New Year! To kick off 2019, we will be starting a new series on therapeutic stories. We want to take some time and review some of our favourite children’s books that deal with subjects like sadness, grief, anger, social skills, and more, in order to help you find resources to assist you in your work with children.

Therapeutic stories offer a whole host of benefits for kids when used in a counselling or play therapy context. They can also be used by parents or teachers to help children understand and express emotions appropriately and promote emotional intelligence. To see a summary of some of the benefits of therapeutic stories, see our post Once Upon a Time: How Storytelling Can Help Children in Therapy.

This Vlog post looks at the first 5 (of 10) therapeutic stories on anger and discusses how these books could be used in a therapy (or teaching/parenting) context. Part two will feature another 5 books on anger.

What are your favourite therapeutic stories on anger? Is there one of these five that you might like to check out for yourself. Leave us a comment below.

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Carey Emmerson10 Therapeutic Storybooks to Help Children Deal with Anger (Part 1)