10 Therapeutic Storybooks to Help Children Deal with Anger (Part 2)

Last week we started a series on therapeutic stories that teachers, therapists, and parents can use to help children to identify and express their emotions appropriately. We began with the emotion of anger and shared a video with the first five of ten of our favourite storybooks to help young children talk about their angry feelings. If you missed last week’s post, feel free to check it out here. This week, we are sharing part 2 of that video, which includes another five stories on anger.

We have discussed the benefits of therapeutic stories in previous articles and videos. For a summary of some of the benefits of therapeutic stories, see our post Once Upon a Time: How Storytelling Can Help Children in Therapy.


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Tell us what you think: Which of these 10 stories on anger would you like to check out for yourself?. Leave us a comment below.

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Carey Emmerson10 Therapeutic Storybooks to Help Children Deal with Anger (Part 2)

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