A Review of 7 Therapeutic Storybooks on Sadness, Grief, and Loss

We all know that every child will experience tough days, disappointments, and, of course, loss in some form or another over the course of their childhood years. Part of our task as parents, teachers, and therapists is to make sure that kids have good coping skills for managing the difficult situations that life will inevitably throw at them. In this video, we give our thoughts on 7 children’s books on sadness and grief and how we, as adults, can use these resources to help children to build a solid coping toolkit.

Today’s video is a continuation of our series on therapeutic storybooks. If you missed our latest blog posts, we started out by looking at 10 Therapeutic Storybooks to Help Children Deal with Anger. Prior to this series, we also discussed the benefits of therapeutic stories in our post Once Upon a Time: How Storytelling Can Help Children in Therapy.

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Let us know your thoughts: Have you used any of these stories in your work or as a parent? Which do you like best? Which would you like to check out for yourself?

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Carey EmmersonA Review of 7 Therapeutic Storybooks on Sadness, Grief, and Loss