Agent Pensby and How He Can Help with Childhood Anxiety

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I have always loved good therapeutic stories and the way that they excite, empower, and engage a child in the work of therapy. For this reason, I am thrilled to introduce Agent Pensby and the Golden Fish: A Tale About Anxiety.

Agent Pensby seems to be a normal zoo penguin, but he is secretly a spy, hired by the Queen of England to keep the world safe. In his first adventure, Agent Pensby is called on to save the Queen’s golden fish locket, which is really a key that opens her very own bank vault.

As Pensby attempts to retrieve the golden fish locket, he confronts his own anxiety for the very first time and learns some super secret spy tricks for facing and overcoming his fears.

I wrote Agent Pensby while I was working as a therapeutic counsellor for a small agency with a small budget. I wanted to make a story that would teach kids some important cognitive behavioural strategies for managing their anxiety, while at the same time being a lot of fun to read. After seeing my clients enjoy the Agent Pensby story, I decided to have it illustrated and published so other kids could benefit from it.

This book was originally written for use in session with elementary aged children, and the story fits well in any stage of counselling: to explain anxiety, to start to explore coping strategies, or to review the techniques that the client has already learned. However, Agent Pensby can also be of value for parents and kids to read at home to reinforce the skills they learn in counselling, or for teachers to use with their students as part of regular learning on emotions.

I hope you will look for Agent Pensby and the Golden Fish on Amazon, and will consider adding this resource to your collection for your next storytelling session. Enjoy!

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Carey EmmersonAgent Pensby and How He Can Help with Childhood Anxiety

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