Agent Pensby Anxiety Worksheet for Kids

Early on when working with kids who struggle with worries and anxiety, I like to do some psychoeducation around what anxiety is all about and what it feels like in our bodies. Drawing a body outline and drawing/writing in all the anxiety symptoms we can think of is a great way to facilitate this conversation.

Here is a copy of a worksheet based on the story I wrote called Agent Pensby and the Golden Fish: A Tale About Anxiety. In this story, Agent Pensby is a spy who undertakes a secret mission for the Queen, and in the process must confront anxiety for the first time.

On this worksheet, kids can draw/write on Pensby where he might feel his anxiety (a good way to externalize their own anxiety). Once they have finished talking about Pensby’s anxiety, children can be encourage to draw their own outline on the back and write in which anxiety/worry symptoms they experience.

Download the worksheet: Agent Pensby Anxiety worksheet

If you are interested in adding a new therapeutic storybook to your collection, check out Agent Pensby and the Golden Fish on Amazon early in 2016. The book teaches kids what anxiety is, normalizes it, and teaches some common anxiety management strategies. You can use the story at any stage of work with anxious kids and can send it home for parents to use with their children between sessions.



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Carey EmmersonAgent Pensby Anxiety Worksheet for Kids

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