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RE: Alcove Guest Blog Submissions

Please read carefully to get your article approved.

We welcome guest blog submissions written by mental health professionals, educators, and other child and youth-focused professionals. Writing a guest blog is an opportunity for you to share your expertise on a topic relevant to our blog, or a favourite strategy or intervention that you use in your work with children and youth. It is also an opportunity to be a part of a community of people who care about helping children and youth experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Should your post be approved, we will share your name, a short author bio, a photo of you, and link back to your blog. As our blog is about information-sharing and is not currently monetized, we will not be able to honour requests for remuneration. We will feature your guest post on our site and on all our social media channels, giving you the opportunity to grow your audience.

If you are interested in submitting a guest post to our Alcove Child and Youth Resources blog, please read the following tips to increase the likelihood we will be able to feature your post:

1)      Make sure posts are complete. We prefer that posts be at least 500 words, although posts that are overly long or redundant will not be approved. Make sure that your post is thorough, has all necessary detail and is complete in and of itself.

2)      Use original content. We only accept original articles (not duplicates) written by the person submitting the post. Please do not submit a copy of a post already published on another blog (your own or someone else’s). Also, should we find that your post plagiarizes from another source, we will remove the offending post, as well as any others you may have contributed. We will also not allow you to contribute in the future.

3)      Review the “About Us” section as well as our current blog posts to see the kinds of content we share. In general, we like to share things that would be relevant to parents, mental health, and education professionals. Useful interventions, tips, and tools for those working with children and youth are the most likely subjects to be approved.

4)      Share content that is helpful and that is accurate. We serve professionals as well as parents of children and youth, so please provide interventions and tips that are evidence-based, not just anecdotes or experience, and that will be useful to professionals and the families they serve. Also, please do not use a guest submission to try to market a product. Share genuinely valuable content. We will share your blog/business name and link back to it in the author bio, so you will have the opportunity to increase your profile and traffic. However, we will not share anything that is obviously a veiled marketing attempt.

5)      Share pictures/video in your post. We try to make our posts visually interesting, so do break up your writing with appealing and relevant media. Please make sure that they are yours or are free for you to use. Make sure to give credit where it is required. Failure to do so will result in your post being rejected or, if already published, removed from our site.

6)      Source/credit materials that are not your own. Use a footnote, a parenthesis, whatever. Just make sure that if you borrowed a quote or an idea that you are honest about it.

7)      Respect confidentiality. If you are sharing strategies you have used with counselling clients or students, please make sure to change names and all identifying information.

If you have read and understood our requirements, please feel free to submit a post for review to Please put “Guest blog submission” in the subject line and indicate headings/formatting for the blog post in your email. Along with your post, please submit a brief list of your credentials so we know that you are qualified to speak on the subject.

If we approve your post, we will contact you for a full author bio and let you know when you can expect to see it published on our blog. If we cannot approve your post, we will let you know that as well and will advise you of the reason for the refusal as well as if there are changes that you can make in order for us to be able to accept it.

We are working to build an active community of professionals and caregivers and we are excited to welcome qualified guest bloggers to be a part of that. Should you have any questions about submitting, feel free to contact us at or by completing the contact us form on our site.

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