Celebration Interview


The end of counselling is a time for celebrating what has been accomplished, reviewing new skills, preparing for life without the counsellor, and saying “Goodbye”
Kids from about 6-10 years old may enjoy doing a celebration interview. For this activity, the child gets to be the star of the show and you pretend to be a newscaster interviewing him. Pick a funny name (Alfie Snickerbottom perhaps?), use a funny broadcasting voice, and pick some important termination questions. The client will leave counselling feeling empowered by his accomplishments.
Some topics/questions you may want to cover:

1) What was the reason you first came to counselling?
2) That’s a really tough problem. How did you manage to solve that problem?
3) What will you do if _________ (problem) shows up again? What will help you handle it?
4) What did you learn in counselling that will help you with _______ (problem)?
5) What was your favourite part of counselling?
6) Who can you talk to about ________ (problem) if it shows up again?
7) How will you know if you should come back and see me again?

You will want to adapt these questions to the age and understanding of your client. Props are also helpful. Costumes, hats, capes, etc. can add an extra element of fun to the interview and, depending on the character choice, can help the client feel empowered (e.g., pretending to be a superhero, police officer, doctor). I’ve used a dollar store toy microphone with some of my younger clients, which they really seemed to enjoy. You can also give the child the microphone and give him and opportunity to interview you. If you have parental/child consent, the client may also like his interview to be audio/video recorded for him to keep as a memento from his time in counselling. You can put it on a disk and mail it to the client after the last session as a follow-up or have him pick it up from you.

For an adaptation, you can use this early in counselling with some get-to-know-you questions to build rapport and formulate your assessment. Happy Interviewing!

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