Introducing Agent Pensby: A New Tool to Teach Kids About Anxiety

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We thrilled to introduce a new therapeutic resource for children with anxiety: Agent Pensby and the Golden Fish: A Tale About Anxiety. Agent Pensby works as a zoo penguin, that is when is not being called away for his real job as a super-spy, hired by the Queen of England to protect the world. In his first adventure, Agent Pensby is called on to save the Queen’s golden fish locket, which is actually a key that opens her bank vault where all her money is kept. As Pensby attempts to retrieve the golden fish locket, he confronts his own anxiety for the very first time and learns some secret spy tricks for facing and overcoming his fears.

Agent Pensby and the Golden Fish was written to teach kids some important cognitive behavioural strategies for managing their anxiety and worries, while at the same time being a lot of fun to read. This book was originally written for use in counselling sessions with elementary aged children. It both explains anxiety and explores a number of ways that children can cope with their anxious feelings. However, this story will also be a fun and helpful resource that parents, teachers, and other professionals can use to help children develop healthy emotional awareness and expression.

Find out more about Agent Pensby and the Golden Fish, available on CreateSpace and Amazon. We hope you will consider adding this resource to your collection. Enjoy!

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Carey EmmersonIntroducing Agent Pensby: A New Tool to Teach Kids About Anxiety