Reinforce Learning.  Review for Tests.  Have fun!


About the Game

Mind-N-Mettle is an interactive, quiz-show style game for groups of up to 36 people.  It is a digital resource that allows the teacher, counsellor, or group leader to customize the game content.  Because the teacher writes/inputs the questions, the game can be used in a variety of subject areas and settings.  Mind-N-Mettle is great for introducing new material, reviewing previously learned concepts, or just having fun with some general trivia.

The game is designed with sound effects, music, timer, animation, and a sharp industrial design to provide an “authentic” game-show experience which will appeal to visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learning styles alike.  Teachers/leaders can build and save their own library of questions and build teams within the game.  Mind-N-Mettle has a built-in timer, computes scores, and progresses through the series of questions automatically.  To play, all a teacher has to do is present the question and mark which teams get it correct.  Teachers can pause a game in progress and resume it on another occasion if needed.  This is a great resource for test review and for assessing areas where further instruction/review might be beneficial.  Mind-N-Mettle has a straightforward layout, is easy to implement in a classroom setting, and is lots of fun for students and instructors alike.

Target Audience:
Mind-n-Mettle can be used in many different settings for many different age groups.  Anyone who can read can play.  The game is perfect for reinforcing learning on any subject in a classroom setting, small group use, or  can even be played in a counselling environment to reinforce coping skills.

We are excited to offer Mind-N-Mettle to the general public.  The kids we work with love the game and we are certain that it will be a worthwhile addition to your lesson planning.  Mind-N-Mettle is currently being developed into its final form and will soon be available for purchase and download on this website.

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