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Mind-n-Mettle: A Little Tech and a Ton of Fun Building Emotional Intelligence

Identifying and recognizing emotions is a tough skill for many children to learn. Kids with a history of trauma, ADHD, those on the autism spectrum, and many others may struggle to recognize other people’s emotions. And yet, this skill is so very important in helping children to develop empathy, friendships, and participate in basic social interactions. Social skills group activities …

Carey EmmersonMind-n-Mettle: A Little Tech and a Ton of Fun Building Emotional Intelligence

Happy Back-To-School Week!

We are celebrating a new year of school for all you teachers, parents, and students with a special edition of MIND-N-METTLE questions that we will be revealing each day until Friday. Check in every day to see our current question and comment with your answers (no googling before you post!). We’ll reveal the correct answer at the end of each …

Carey EmmersonHappy Back-To-School Week!

Coming Soon: Mind-N-Mettle

Reinforce Learning.  Review for Tests.  Have fun!  Pre-order on Kickstarter starting August 28, 2014 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1095193078/mind-n-mettle-an-interactive-electronic-group-quiz About the Game Mind-N-Mettle is an interactive, quiz-show style game for groups of up to 36 people.  It is a digital resource that allows the teacher, counsellor, or group leader to customize the game content.  Because the teacher writes/inputs the questions, the game can be …

adminComing Soon: Mind-N-Mettle