Toilet Training with this Printable Potty Training Chart

Today’s post is not a therapy or educational resource – but it is a positive reinforcement tool to help very young children learn bathroom skills. We are working to potty train a toddler in our house at the moment. While we have been using lots of positive reinforcement in the form of praise, she has been very sporadic in her interest depending on how engrossed she is in other play. We have heard of people using smarties or M&Ms with great success, but we are not fans of using sugary snacks as rewards. However, our girl loves stickers, so I spent some time putting together this Potty Chart to encourage her to start practicing. We’re not there yet, but she has shown some renewed interest since we put up the chart.

The chart is bright and colourful. It also looks a bit like a board game. For each successful potty attempt, the child gets a sticker to put on the chart. There are more than 25 spaces to fill, so that gives lots of time to practice potty skills. And when she is done, she will have a laminated chart to keep her stickers on.

If you, or a parent you know, is in the potty training stage with a child, feel free to make use of this chart. I am uploading a PDF and a JPG.

Ours is a legal-sized chart, which leaves room for smaller stickers. An 11″x17″ chart would give a bit more room (if you want to resize the JPG image). It was just too big to fit in my laminator.

Best wishes with the toilet training and we’ll be back with some more therapeutic content soon.




Join the discussion below. What are your best potty training tips for parents?

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Carey EmmersonToilet Training with this Printable Potty Training Chart

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