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Hi Everyone! Welcome to my first blog post. I thought I would start this blog by sharing my vision for Counsellor’s Toolkit. I’ve spent my professional life working with children, youth, and their families. I trained as a counsellor and began counselling professionally in 2010. I’ve also worked as a youth worker, and led various short-term groups for kids and teens. Since that time, I have discovered how difficult it is to work in this profession, and with this particular demographic.

Any kind of counselling is hard work. You’re likely all too aware that the job can drain you mentally and emotionally. While the mental and emotional stress was real, what made counselling even more difficult was that I found there was never enough time to prep and plan activities. I would often see 5 or 6 clients back-to-back, leaving no time to get ready for the next session. Furthermore, my research and planning usually had to be done on my own time. Needless to say, I needed activities that were simple to understand and easy to implement.

My experience counselling has left me with the desire to share the resources that I have found most helpful. Some of the tools I will share will be ones that I developed myself. And many of the resources I share, you may have seen elsewhere, in books or online, but I will share how I adapted them to meet the needs of my settings.

I am not looking to reinvent the wheel here. I simply want to make a site that will bring together the best resources I’ve found, in the hopes that it will help other counsellors who, despite limited time and resources, want to effectively help the children and youth they work with.

Finally, I am more than happy to share some of the resources that you have found most useful. Feel free to send me any ideas you have found effective. If they are a good fit, I will include them in the blog and credit you with contributing them.

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Carey EmmersonWelcome to Counsellor Toolkit!

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